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logo CapsuleCRMCapsuleCRM – The easy online CRM for doing business.
Use Capsule to keep track of the people and companies you do business with, communications with them, opportunities in the pipeline, and what needs to be done when.

CapsuleCRM Features

  • FREE version available or Pay-as-you-Go
  • Get a complete contact view so that you can keep track of the people, companies and other organizations that you do business with.
  • Manage your sales pipeline with Capsule to track bids, deals, proposals and other opportunities.
  • Make sure things get done using tasks in Capsule to ensure things don’t get forgotten.
  • Customize Capsule to fit your business by creating custom categories using tags such as vendor, lead, customer.
  • Manage groups of contacts with lists by filtering your contacts using your own criteria such as which city they’re in, how you’ve tagged them, when they were added, or using a custom field you have added.
  • Connect Capsule with popular applications to get more done such as create great looking sales proposals, invoice customers for the work you do, send and track the results of a newsletters and more.

CapsuleCRM Benefits

  • Affordable to start with – FREE limited to 250 contacts
  • Web based – nothing to install
  • Easy to use and configure – excellent online documentation and support FAQs. Easy UI.
  • Scalable – affordable you grow
  • Browser based – works with mobile devices and Windows, Mac or other platform

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