Hubspot Joins the Digital Oligarchs Hitting the Little Guy

Another huge corporate service provider decides to hit the little guys… as if they aren’t making enough money from their corporate customers. As with Google, LogMeIn / LastPass and others, Hubspot‘s exploitation is even more obscene in the current pandemic as digital resources become increasingly necessary to carry on with our lives.

As in my previous post about corporate greed, Hubspot‘s move is only to be expected as the major digital players (mostly American) continue to laugh in our faces along with the biotech companies taking advantage of global conditions and will continue to do so over the coming years.


Extract from Hubspot support chat 31/03/2021

  • You 10.02: Hi. I recommended Hubspot free version to a colleague and they are in the process of looking at custom properties but they seem to think there is a maximum of 10 but our account seems to have more than that?
  • Hubspot 10.04: Yes, with our free version there is a limit of 10 custom properties , our starter version comes with 1,000 custom properties
  • You 10.04: When did the free limit come in?
  • Hubspot 10.05: Im not sure of the exact date but the 10 custom properties limit has been around for a little while- what is your colleague looking to use HubSpot for?
  • You 10.07: Similar to our account for a non-profit organisation – simple client/company/deal management. I think the 10 properties limit will mean they’ll have to look elsewhere
  • Hubspot 10.08: Those are just 10 custom properties- we have a lot of properties that already come with the free version, just to let you know. But I understand the need for more
  • You 10.08: Shame but thanks for confirming
  • Hubspot 10.09: Of course. I’ll go ahead and close this chat for now. Feel free to reach out to us again, leverage the self-service resources of the Knowledge Base, the video courses in the HubSpot Academy, or our one-to-many support in the HubSpot Community with any additional questions. Have a great rest of your day!
  • Tall Guy Digital Contact Kev