I endeavour to provide clients with the most cost-effective solution for their business. I understand that ethically-oriented organisations need to keep their costs to a minimum. Much of the software and applications I recommend are free or provided at minimal cost for organisations with limited resources. The (in)famous cloud has revolutionised how software applications are delivered, managed and operated, using the SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

For my time and services, I have flexible rates depending on the relationship I have with clients, starting with a one-off/time-based assignment being usually charged at £50 / hour with a minimum engagement of a half-day (4 hours work, including travel time).

Tall Guy Digital Technology Services Pricing QuoteI try to work on what value I bring to your business rather than a pure day rate. My aim is to save you time and money whilst at the same time providing you with a means to getting the most benefit from your existing client database and ensuring that future clients enter your business as efficiently and profitably as possible. We can work on a project fee basis, a retainer or in certain situations, a subscription basis or even “pay on results” – I will work with you to establish the value of the benefit to you and make sure my services provide an excellent return on investment.

The stronger and longer the relationship with a client the more flexible I become… within reason (please see this article about How much should you pay a marketing consultant in the UK).

Please contact me for further information and/or quote, providing details of your requirements. Unless the work is clearly defined and simple (this only usually works if we have previously worked together), I will arrange an appointment with you (in person or by Skype) for an free advisory meeting (yep, free of charge, no obligation, gratos, a freebie) of 30-60 mintues where we will discuss how we can work together, if feasible.

I am also planning to offer discounts for members of local organisations – please contact me for further information.

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