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There’s a huge gap between what technology gurus promote and what business actually needs. Tall Guy Digital is there to help you bridge that gap.

keep calm call the tall guy for customer listsBusiness owners do not have the time or need to become technology geeks – they have a business to run. Technology is no more than fancy 21st century pens and notebooks. What has changed over the last few years is the affordability of these fancy notebooks and pens – cloud applications and services bring big business advantages to small business owners. The current buzzword for these advantages is digital transformation.

Tall Guy Digital aims to help you use those advantages by working with you to leverage your customer database – you know, that database that has been hanging around in box files, Excel spreadsheets, Rolodex, invoices, Post-It Notes – there’s gold in them thar lists! Tall Guy Digital helps you get your “shlists” together so that you can use them for growing your business and making more efficient use of your time.

Did I hear someone say they need more free time!?

To get a bit tekky for a minute, I help you take the following steps to build profitable customer lists:

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