Who is The Tall Guy?

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The Tall Guy in Carmel, CA, Nov 2014

The Tall Guy is, tah-dah, me, Kevin Lovelady.

Why the Tall Guy? I maintain I am still 6’6” (ish) (or if you prefer your measurements with a European slant, I am 2m) although official figures suggest that this is decreasing as time goes by!

As a Gentle Giant, my approach is warm, friendly, straightforward, and encouraging. With my patience and professionalism, I am able to cut through the jargon to explain the processes and advantages of the digital space from a business perspective to even those who consider themselves technophobes.

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I bring 30 years of technology, marketing and business experience to Tall Guy Digital which aims to provide technology support and solutions to ethical and eco-friendly small businesses, non-profits, social enterprises and CICs (community interest companies).

My previous experience includes assignments on blue-chip mainframe financial institutions, European development and migration projects and SME business technology consultancy.

Over the course of my career, I have been involved at all stages of the project life-cycle from programming, business systems analysis, project management and marketing strategies. The latter part of my career I have concentrated on helping small businesses in the UK and France take advantage of and understand the benefits of the digital space for business, culminating in my major role in the success of the Merseyside Connected project.

tall guy digital - computer keyboardIn addition to the variety of businesses supported during this project, being able to draw on experience in a wide range of sectors – finance, hospitality, travel, education – gives me a unique perspective on business and technology requirements in order to provide business & marketing solutions to contribute to the growth and success of an organisation.

As well as being freelance and self-employed, I have managed my own small business ventures in hospitality in Spain, France and the UK and, coupled with my corporate career, I am able to offer a well-presented, articulate, professional presence with multi-disciplinary business and admin skills as well as an aptitude for communication, coaching, leadership and problem solving. I approach my clients knowing the pros and cons of running your own business and I put the client’s business first and technology second.

tall guy digital - piano keyboardAway from the computer keyboard, I spend time at my piano keyboard, mainly playing jazz/latin. Being a self-confessed Francophile, I also devote time to trying to persuade my family to get back to the South of France as much as possible. I speak French and Spanish and have enjoyed travelling across Europe and North America and hope to get to Cuba and Brazil before I shed this mortal coil!

Still with dreams of pounding down tennis serves from my 2m, an achilles injury in 2014 and a dodgy knee seem to have put a stop to aspirations of emulating my dad’s appearance at Wimbledon in the 1950’s!

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Look forward to hearing from you! A un de ces quatre! ¡Hasta la próxima!


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