Getting Here

If you haven’t been to MYST before, see below for some basic instructions to accompany the Google Map search that you’ve probably already done to get to Westminster Road! MYST is in the same building as LA Productions.

The Old St Lawrence School, Westminster Road, Kirkdale, L4 3TQ

image Tall Guy Digital MYST Location
If coming from the “Goodison Park” or “Everton Park Sports Centre” end of Westminster Road

  • if coming along Barlow Lane from Goodison, make sure you turn right at the Elm Tree pub into the “north” section of Westminster Road
  • if coming from Liverpool/Everton Park Sports Centre, make sure you bear left at the Elm Tree pub into the “north” section of  Westminster Road
  • turn right into Leighton St

or from the “Kirkdale Station” end of Westminster Road

  • turn left into Leighton St.

Once on Leighton St, turn right into the school gates

There is ample parking as you turn into the school gates or if you follow the “playground” round to the front of the school.

If the door is not already open, just press the intercom and someone will come and let you in.

Any problems, please call me on 07548 003275

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