What are the benefits of CRM for small business?

image - CRM for small businessImplementing a well thought-out CRM for small business will impact the most important areas of your organisation:

Marketing: you can plan, create and deliver effective marketing campaigns; measure, report and analyse responses; create a single customer reference point.
Sales: you can plan, create and launch sales campaigns (online AND offline); create reports and forecasts; measure and review your won-and-lost opportunities.
Operations: you can improve customer service; automate time-consuming tasks; create customisable templates to facilitate customer relationships.

Why choose a cloud-based CRM for small business?

A cloud-based CRM is quick to set up and once your contact lists have been transferred, your organisation will be able to take advantage of your accounts having access to powerful functions previously reserved to large corporations.

Tall Guy Digital can provide you with the knowledge and training in the following areas:

  • Migrating/importing your lists (Excel to CRM but also paper-based lists)
  • CRM configuration
  • Tailoring the chosen system to your organisation’s needs
  • Ongoing support
  • Building customisable templates
  • Reviewing your sales and marketing strategies/processes in relation to the chosen CRM
  • Configuring the necessary reports
  • Analysing integrations to other systems (accounts, stock control etc)

If you would like to see how a CRM could benefit your business or how your existing system could work harder to improve your processes and customer relationships, then please get in touch to request a free CRM consultation.

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