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image - CRM systems for small businessesCRM is the acronym for Customer Relationship Management but it is evolving into much more than just a list of your customer details – names, addresses, websites, last contacted etc. Of course this is generally the starting point for most businesses and in many cases a company’s CRM is held in an Excel spreadsheet, Word documents, invoices, box files, Post-It notes and the like.

However useful a business may find these storage methods, the vast majority fail to recognise the potential of converting these into a modern database which can integrate across the whole business – from marketing and sales to accounts to office administration and beyond.
A CRM system is potentially one of the most valuable business systems that you can implement.
Businesses with successful CRM systems report growth in sales, higher profits, lower costs, greater customer loyalty and smoother, more streamlined business. Studies show that a fully utilised CRM can increase sales by over 25%.

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