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I always encourage businesses to do some research into any of the technology solutions they decide to adopt. The Cloud provides some fantastic opportunities to do this research for free and although the range of software available can sometimes appear daunting, the free and trial versions of CRM, Email Marketing and others can provide invaluable information to a business.  If a business has already implemented a CRM or Email Marketing platform, even a quick run-through of a similar product can prompt new ideas which can improve processes.

Through my own experience, I openly admit to having my preferences which can be seen by clicking the recommendation categories below.

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CRM Recommendations

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Email Marketing Recommendations

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Other Software Recommendations

If you would like to see more comprehensive lists, head on over to Capterra for the most extensive collection of software on the web. Beware! The amount of choice is incredible!

Alternatively, if there are too many options, you can always arrange a free consultation to help you make the right choice.

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Hubspot Joins the Digital Oligarchs Hitting the Little Guy

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Digital Oligarchs Continue to Hit the Little Guy

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